Comic Book Cleaning and Pressing Services

We press modern books too! :)

Dry cleaning and pressing your books can have a dramatic affect on their value. Trust the experienced pros at Ghost Cactus to treat your books with the utmost care throughout every step of the cleaning and pressing process.

Fill out the form below and we will reply with a link for payment options and instructions on sending your books in to our shop.

Return Shipping Included!


1 BOOK : $30 | 2 BOOKS: $25 EACH | 5 BOOKS: $20 EACH | +5 BOOKS: $15 EACH

You will be invoiced a 50% deposit upon order confirmation. Upon completion, you will be invoiced the remaining balance. Books are shipped within 48 hours of final payment.


At this time we have a 10 book limit. If you need more than 10 books pressed, please contact us. Thank you!